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What makes a party into a real “party?” Ask anyone, and each person will probably give a slightly different answer. But one constant everyone would agree on is… fun!

When I was six years old, I went to a birthday party, and we were passing around a Magic 8-Ball, asking questions. Each person was encouraged by the group of guests as they asked and received their answer. It was fun. I was last, and asked if I would become the president someday. For the first time that day, the 8-Ball said, “YES!” Everyone cheered, literally picked me up on their shoulders, and carried me into the kitchen where we had cake and ice cream. While I am not, in fact, president, I still remember that party fondly because each person got to be involved in a mutually-supportive activity. And that, I feel, is the essence of “fun.”

So here’s a great activity to engage — and encourage — each of your guests! Print out this free Trolls printable activity dice. Write out actions to fulfill — like “Hug,” “High Five,” “Applaud,” “Sing to,” “Carry on shoulders,” and so forth. Fold the dice together, and at your Trolls party, roll it for each guest, and see what each one gets!

Or, print out another copy, write out the names of your guests, and roll the dice until everyone gets some love! Help all your young guests “Find Their Happy Place,” and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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