Free Moana Bookmarks Printable

Here’s a lovely, free, printable bookmark from Disney’s “Moana!” Well-suited for any fan of the film, young or old, it also makes a handy and encouraging bookmark for young readers, and would be a perfect as a simple party activity and take-home party favor!

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Free Printable Moana Maze

This free, printable Moana maze is… a-maze-ing?! In Disney’s “Moana,” our hero searches across the seas to find the demi-god, Maui. In a way everyone has to search for their own path to success in life. So, this fun printable — perfect as a little party activity or take-home gift from your Moana party — is a gentle way to help kids learn that life’s paths sometimes take a few confusing turns along the way.

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Free Moana Kakamora Printables

This would be a super fun party activity! Transform a coconut into a Kakamora pirate creature from Disney’s Moana with these free printables!

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Free Moana Design a Kakamora Sheet

Here is a fun party activity and party favor for your Moana themed party!

The Kakamora are wild, coconut-armored pirates. They may be small and cute, but they are ruthless warriors who will stop at nothing to get what they want. And yet, still cute!

Guests can color a nose and mouth onto this free, printable Kakamora — sort of like carving a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, but with a lot less mess!

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Free Printable Moana Connect the Dots Sheet

This is a fun, quick activity for your party guests to do while waiting for rides or cake.

The free, printable dot-to-dot sheet features Moana sailing at night with a mysterious constellation in the sky — what can it be?

This is a fun connect the dots sheet for children and will help them learn to count better, too.

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Free Moana Coloring Sheets

It’s always helpful to have an activity planned for your young party guests while they wait, either for the other guests to arrive, for their rides to show up, or as a backup activity, just in case. These free, coloring pages from Disney’s “Moana” are perfect!

There are six coloring pages in the pack, featuring Moana, Maui, and friends.

The pages are in keeping with any Moana party theme, and make a nice party favor for your guests to bring home afterward. Enjoy!

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Free Printable Trolls Invitations

Every party needs invitations. Even when asking people to come digitally, to reinforce (and remember!) when and where the party is, it's helpful to also send a printed invitation, too.

So, these free printable Trolls party invitations will help invite and remind your guests about the upcoming party, while helping them get into the Trolls theme — and “Find Their Happy Place.”

Enjoy your Trolls party!

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Free Printable Trolls Cupcake Toppers

I recommend cupcakes for almost every kind of party. They're inexpensive, easy to serve, simple to eat (especially mini cupcakes), and a favorite of almost every party guest.

Plus, cupcake toppers help tie your cupcakes into your party theme, making them — and your entire party — more fun for everyone!

Cut out these free, printable Trolls cupcake toppers, tape onto toothpicks, insert into each of your cupcakes, and serve.

So easy — and such a fun and delicious way to celebrate!

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Free Printable Trolls Tent Cards

Tented cards can help in lots of ways at any party. You can use these little pop-up signs for guests' table settings, or you can use them to describe dishes to be served. Also, you can use them to set aside spaces for different party activities, and more.

As nice as they are, they're even more fun when customized for your theme. And if they're free, well, that's a big help, too!

So, we hope these free, printable tent cards for your Trolls party will help make everything easier, cheaper, and more fun for you and your guests!

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Free Printable Trolls Party Activities

Traditional party activities are always fun, yet it's always extra special when they can be altered a bit to help reinforce your party theme.

This free, printable listing of several custom Trolls party activities also helps you to save time preparing for your party, while making it extra fun for everyone!

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Free Printable Trolls Game

Of all party games, is there any party activity more famous — or fun — than the classic pin-the-tail on the donkey game?

Yes! This free, printable pin-the-hair on a Troll game!

Each guest gets blindfolded, spun around a few times, and while holding a “hair” image with some stickies on it, tries to aim for the troll's head.

Technically, whoever places their hair most accurately “wins,” but when the party games are this fun, everyone is a winner!

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Free Trolls Desktop Decorations

Arts & crafts activities are always easy fun for a children's birthday party.

They make the party enjoyable by giving your young guests something creative and fun to do, while making a themed party favor to take home as a keepsake.

So, here is a fun and free printable Trolls peek-a-boo desk buddy for your party guests to create, keep, and enjoy!

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Free Printable Trolls Pennant Banner

I love to decorate with banners, at home and for parties. They're easy to assemble, have a big visual impact, and make everything fun.

Just print, cut out, and attach to string, twine, ribbon, just stick the wall or table with a removable adhesive. You can hang them from the front, or behind, your dessert table, above an entry way, or wherever you like.

So, for your Trolls party, here is a pack of six free, printable pennants for your party banner. Enjoy your Trolls party!

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Free Printable Trolls Activity Dice

What makes a party into a real “party?” Ask anyone, and each person will probably give a slightly different answer. … Read More

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Free Trolls Game – Where’s Cloud Guy?

If you ask me, Cloud Guy sort-of stole the show in “Trolls.” Among the many clever/jokey/happy characters, Cloud Guy — the character's real name — was among the most clever, jokey-est, and made many viewers happiest of all.

But his parts in the film are actually quite brief, and if you aren't paying attention, you could miss it — just like finding Cloud Guy in this free printable Where's-Waldo-style activity sheet!

This would be a fun activity for a young Trolls party guest to check out all the different characters, while looking for the well-hidden Cloud Guy. Help you guests “Find Their Happy Place” with this fun, welcoming party activity.

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Free Printable Trolls 10 Posters and Placemats

Expressing your party theme fully at a birthday party can be a bit difficult, and if you're not careful, you end up less a festive, themed birthday party into, you know, hot dogs for dinner. That's why printable party decor can be such a big help.

One of the big benefits of printable party decor is its versatility. In this case, these posters from “Trolls,” may be framed and set out around the party (check your local dollar store for inexpensive frames), hung from a garland (a la Mexican papel picado banners), or even used as placemats for each of your guests.

The ten posters include all the main characters, along with several delightful logo treatments.

Best of all, they will really help present the theme to your “Trolls” party guests, and help them “Find Their Happy Place!”

Please note that you will need to “unzip” the print-quality archive of ten posters (typically, right-click and select to “Extract All”), which will usually work much easier on a desktop, rather than mobile, computer.

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Free Printable Trolls Bookmarks

Here's a fun take-home treat for your “Trolls” party guests! These free, printable bookmarks will help your guests remember all the fun from Trolls, and your party, helping them “Find Their Happy Place” — while encouraging reading, too! Enjoy!

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Free Printable Trolls Word Search

Whenever we entertain, even for our children's birthday parties, there always seems to be a bit of awkwardness when some — but not all — of the guests arrive. I'm always running around finishing setting out last-minute treats for the guests, so they're left just… waiting. I can turn on the party's music playlist, but then what? So, especially for children's parties, I've found that it's a good idea to have some simple activities, which they can enjoy on their own, while awaiting the other guests or for their rides home afterward. That's why we are making this free, printable Trolls word search sheet — with 12 search terms from the movie — available for download now!

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Free Trolls Coloring Pages

Coloring is back in fashion as a fun and trendy past time, for both old and young. And for all the “Trolls” fans in your life, here are six coloring pages of the colorful characters to enjoy! If you're hosting a Trolls-themed party, these free, printable coloring sheets will help your guests get into the theme and “Find Their Happy Place” while awaiting guests beforehand or rides afterward. Enjoy!

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Free Printable Trolls Connect-the-Dots Pages

Children love to keep busy, whether waiting for a “Trolls” birthday party to begin, or simply looking for a rainy day activity. These connect-the-dots pages are perfect for all the “Trolls” fans in your life! There are two pages, one of Branch, and the other of Poppy. Help impatient kiddies “Find Their Happy Place” with these free, printable Trolls' dot-to-dots!

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